Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of this second agreement with UKsatellite.TV must be agreed to so that UKsatellite.TV is entitled to legally act on your behalf with Sky and send the Viewing Card to you. These conditions are meant to protect the subscriber as Sky can, and will, cancel the subscription if the following terms are not met. (In other words certain basic conditions follow and must be strictly observed).

Refund and Right Of Withdrawal

If the customer is a CONSUMER residing within the European Union:

Right of withdrawal. Your right of withdrawal is valid for 14 days from the date you receive your order. You have the right to return all or some of the items in your order if you are not satisfied. Keep in mind that the item or order, including its original packaging, should be sent back to us in sellable condition. We will refund the purchase price but not the shipping costs.

Service charges can be refunded if the paid service has not started and would not start considering the notice of cancellation period. For example: if you pay our annual service fee from August 24, you can still cancel this service giving 30 days notice before July 24 and would receive a full refund. We do not offer partial or pro-rated refunds.

Once you activated a Sky UK Viewing Card with us, you have entered a binding 12 month contract with SKY UK. You will then not be able to return the sky card to us for a refund. Any hardware shipped with your order will not be affected and remains eligible for 14-day return.

VPN-Routers have an extended right of withdrawal: 30 days, no questions asked.

Please keep the original packaging until you are sure you want to keep the item.

If the customer is a BUSINESS or a CONSUMER residing outside of the European Union: all sales are final. No returns or refunds.


Important Information:

Your service agreement and your subscription start when we ship the Sky Viewing Card or SKY STREAM.

NEVER connect your Sky box or Sky Stream or NowTV to your home internet or regular internet connection. 

You may exclusively connect to a UK VPN router and only when you are absolutely sure your connection will be with a UK IP address.

A) In case of problems, questions or anything else, ALWAYS contact UKsatellite.TV. You pay us, UKsatellite.TV, for providing customer service.

B) Please do not call Sky numbers that appear on your screen or enter any information on sky’s website. It will not work from outside of the UK and after all you pay us to help you with all matters.

C) UKsatellite.TV cannot be held liable for payments taken from your credit card unless taken by UKsatellite.TV itself. All damages incurred while using our services must be reported within 30 days of occurrence. If any charges are made in error to a customer’s credit card, they must be reported within 30 days of the transaction. Damages of any kind that occur over a period longer than the 30 days in which they are required to be reported are automatically excluded from liability.

D) For all transactions, questions or problems concerning your subscription you agree to contact UKsatellite.TV, so that UKsatellite.TV can assist you with all problems and questions concerning your subscription(s)

E) The subscription contract and payment for the card is made between yourself and Sky or other Pay-TV channels as ordered under section “optional channels” on page 3 of this agreement/order form (OHTERS). Sky (and OTHERS if applicable) will receive payments from your credit card to serve your subscription. For all products and services to work and be paid for properly, we need to pass on your credit card details to the service providers. For example, Sky UK charges your credit card every month, which is of course, only possible if this data is available. This is ensured by us transferring this data to the service providers on your behalf. You explicitly agree to this transfer. It would not work otherwise. We will always inform you which providers charge you, and of course, we will help you with any questions you may have about credit card charges. If you purchase Sky UK through us, we will pass your credit card details on to Sky UK to pay your monthly subscription.

F) Subscription to Sky via satellite is for a minimum period of 12 months. SKY STREAM does not have a minimum subscription period.

G) the minimum subscription period of OTHERS varies and is laid out under “min. subscription in months” on page 3 of your subscription

H) Cancellation of subscriptions is not permitted within the minimum subscription period. 30 days notice for cancellation must be given to UKSatellite.tv, 30 days notice to downgrade your subscription must be given to UKSatellite.tv – if you SUSPEND your SKY TV service but KEEP PHYSICAL HOLD of your sky viewing card, the monthly service charges from SKY UK will stop, but our service agreement will continue, and our annual service fee will remain in place and payable. To fully cancel, including our agreement, you have to write an email or use our online contact webform AND you have to physically return the Sky Viewing Card to us. We will confirm your cancellation in writing also confirm the address to return the Sky Viewing Card to. Many customers like to keep the card for seasonal use, for example yachts or vacation homes – we allow the Sky subscription to be suspended but our service will continue. Please remember that to make sure you suspend or fully cancel the service as intended. SKY STREAM services cannot be suspended, only fully cancelled. You need to return all SKY STREAM boxes and VPN WIFI Router to end your SKY STREAM subscription with us. We can only cancel the service in full if you are not in arrears with any payment. For example, if you have not paid your monthly subscription to Sky, you can only cancel your contract with us once you have paid in full. The delay in payment results in a cancellation date that is equally delayed. If the resulting cancellation date surpasses the cut-off date, leading to a new service period, this must also be paid. As an example: You have been a customer since 23 March 2023 and cancelled on 20 January 2024 with effect from 23 March 2024 – you have thus cancelled on time, and no new annual fee is due. But if your Sky subscription has yet to be paid, your account can, therefore, not be closed. If you do not pay or pay after 23 February 2024, the 30-day period will expire, and the annual fee for our service from 23 March 2024 will be due in full.

I) payments to UKSatellite.tv are not refundable

J) A renewal fee of EUR 199.00 is payable for each successive year thereafter, from date of issue of your Viewing Card for as long as you hold that Sky Viewing Card in your posession. The renewal fee is not refundable. SKY STREAM does not have any annual fees at all.

K) For orders for SKY TV via Satellite (SKY VIEWING CARD): You already have a satellite reception system capable of receiving ASTRA 2 on 28.2° or have contacted your landlord (and/or all other institutions whose consent for using and installing such a satellite reception system is necessary) and have obtained permission to install and use such a satellite reception system. SKY STREAM only requires high speed internet, a satellite dish is not required.

L) all products and services you order from UKsatellite.TV automatically bind you to the terms and conditions of this contract and to the terms and conditions as published on our website www.UKsatellite.TV . You cannot return any of the products ordered from UKsatellite.TV nor can you cancel your order once service has been activated (i.e. you activated on www.uksatellite.tv/activate)

M) You have been explicitly made aware of the risks involved in using a Sky Viewing Card outside the UK (especially the risk of totally losing access to channels encoded by BSkyB). UKsatellite.TV would like to express that in this case UKsatellite.TV will send you a new Sky Viewing Card or new SKY STREAM system free of charge if possible

N) If you send in a contract which has been replaced by a newer one, the newest version automatically applies. Download the latest version from www.UKsatellite.TV or ask if this is the current version of the contract

O) (only applies if you order Sky Plus or SkyHD) You know that you must run two coaxial cables from your dish to your Sky Plus/SkyHD box, not one. This can be done by using a so-called “Twin-LNB” or “Quad-LNB”. Sky+ is available at no extra monthly cost to your Sky TV subscription

P) in many European countries, by law, products must have a warranty of 24 months – in the UK this is otherwise! All products sold by UKsatellite.TV, are from the UK and for the UK and have only 12 months’ warranty. SKY STREAM hardware is included in your monthly subscription and will always be under warranty as long as you are a paying subscriber for this service.

Q) The first time fee of € 199 is not refundable

R) The viewing card received remains the property of UKsatellite.TV at all times. To cancel your subscription, you need to contact UKsatellite.TV to receive further instructions on how to return the viewing card to UKsatellite.TV. The same is valid for SKY STREAM, the SKY STREAM player, VPN Wifi Router, all cables, the remote and all packaging remain the property of UKSATELLITE.tv and have to be returned at the end of the subscription.

S) each viewing card has a deposit of EUR 120 – this deposit will not be charged upfront but it will be charged if you fail to return the viewing card at the end of your subscription and/or your viewing card becomes invalid because you have outstanding payments on the subscription assigned to it and/or your viewing card becomes invalid due to your fault. If the viewing card gets shut down by Sky for illegal activities you, the customer, conducted with it for example but not limited to use in an IPTV system, the deposit quadruples to a charge of then EUR 480.00

If you ordered SKY STREAM, you already paid the deposit upfront.

T) All credit card information provided to UKsatellite.TV is provided as payment security as well. UKsatellite.TV is in good faith assuming the credit card is in your name and/or you have the right to use it (if you provide details of a family member for example). If UKsatellite.TV has to make payments on your behalf (i.e. unpaid subscription charges with sky or others that UKsatellite.TV has to clear for you), UKsatellite.TV reserves the right to charge your credit card with the same amount and a service charge if applicable. 

U) All subscription services and services we provide renew automatically unless cancelled in time. As time frames and conditions for cancellation vary from service and product, we ask you be in touch with us to inquire the details for your services and subscriptions. All Sky TV services & BT Sports require 30 days notice to cancel – all other services on request. Sky TV annual service fee € 199 per Viewing Card, VPN on Demand Router annual service € 99 per VPN Router, BT Sports renews at the same rate and period you ordered it for (i.e. you ordered for € 400 for 6 months, it will renew every 6 months automatically for € 400 // this is just an example). We will notify you of price increases of our prices but aim to not increase our rates.

V) Our prepaid conversion table is the following:
– current conversion rate (this can vary – please email us for the current rate)
– 30% service surcharge
– 19% German VAT charged where applicable

W) from time to time Sky UK or other third party providers may offer discounts if you agree to a new minimum subscription period. For example, Sky may offer you 30% discount, if you accept a new 18 month subscription. We are happy to provide these offers to you, but you need to understand that you will then AUTOMATICALLY have to pay our annual fee every time it becomes due during this new extended minimum subscription period.

X) Pay Per View Events can be ordered directly using your remote control if you own and connect a VPN router. If not, you can order such events through us. We charge € 20 service fee per event for ordering it. If you are on a prepaid service and the event is charged to us, prepaid charges and conversion rates apply to you as laid out under section V). 

Feeding legal Pay-TV offerings into an IPTV broadcasting system, other forms of re-broadcasting via internet or other transmission technology and so-called “card cloning” all are highly illegal and constitute a felony. We are aware that our legal offers of Pay-TV Viewing Cards is interesting for criminals conducting the aforementioned activities. We have a background check and risk management system in place to prevent this. If your order or activity as an existing customer raises suspicion, we reserve the right to request more information from you. We also reserve the right to end the service agreement with you without further notice and without paying any refunds. We have always provided 100% legal services and 100% clean access to Sky TV and other pay-TV services across Europe. All our customers pay their monthly subscription and obviously we cannot accept any illegal use. If approached by the IP owners such as Sky TV and/or the authorities and/or law enforcement, we will fully cooperate.
If your account with us gets shut down for illegal activities, we automatically charge the increased deposit of EUR 480.00 as explained under section S). Furthermore, claims for damages remain unaffected and we reserve the right to assert them against you in a court of law.


UKsatellite.TV (hereafter UKsatellite.TV), brokers subscriptions for domestic British Pay-TV offers and subscriptions, supports subscribers, sells articles and supplies services relating to digital television. The brokering activities of UKsatellite.TV are limited to brokering addresses in the United Kingdom to those ordering such services (hereafter the Purchaser) and, during the period of validity of the subscription, to act as a supporting agency between the Purchaser and the Pay-TV supplier. To guarantee correct fulfillment of contracted services by UKsatellite.TV, it is important that the Purchaser always communicates exclusively with UKsatellite.TV

In the course of setting up a contract, the Purchaser will enter a separate contractual arrangement with a Pay-TV supplier which will commit him to pay the monthly fee to the Pay-TV supplier (or suppliers) in pounds Sterling via his credit card. For supply of its own services, UKsatellite.TV will charge an additional fee based on the type and the scope of the service. The Purchaser is asked to note that these Pay-TV services may only be used within the United Kingdom . If the Purchaser uses these services elsewhere, the Pay-TV supplier(s) may deny access to individual services for any or all purchasers of services from UKsatellite.TV. UKsatellite.TV makes all customers, existing and potential, aware that knowledge of these risks is a precondition of business. UKsatellite.TV accepts no liability whatsoever in such a case, providing that this has not been occasioned deliberately by UKsatellite.TV, or through gross negligence on the part of UKsatellite.TV.

Please note that according to BSkyB’s terms and conditions to subscribe to sky you require a residential address in the UK and reception outside the UK is not permitted. As we cannot exclude BSkyB cancelling individual subscription contracts with reference to their terms and conditions yet against our expectations, we have to express our warning in regard to that. In case of a cancellation we certainly will do all to ensure continuation of your subscription.

§ 1 Scope
These conditions of contract apply to all contracts offered or closed with UKsatellite.TV or companies associated with UKsatellite.TV. After first notification, they also apply to all future contractual relationships with the Purchaser up until notification of an amendment to these conditions of contract by UKsatellite.TV. These conditions determine the relationship with the Purchaser unless other arrangements have been explicitly agreed in written form between the parties in an individual case, or regulatory provisions of a mandatory nature are in effect. Different conditions of business on the part of the Purchaser only apply if UKsatellite.TV has explicitly agreed to these in written form.

§ 2 Offer and contract closure
Offers from UKsatellite.TV are subject to confirmation and are non-binding. A contract is deemed to be in effect upon a written order confirmation by UKsatellite.TV or with the commencement of fulfillment of the order. Supplementary agreements and changes require written confirmation by UKsatellite.TV. Fulfillment of the contract will be carried out on condition of correct and timely provision by the supplier to UKsatellite.TV. This only applies when non-delivery cannot be attributed to UKsatellite.TV, even when backed up by closure of covering business with a supplier. The Purchaser will be informed immediately on the non-availability of the service. Any payments will be immediately refunded.

UKsatellite.TV retains the right to rescind the contract if conditions should arise after contract closure as a result of which the financial situation of the Purchaser is deemed unsuitable for provision of credit, or should such conditions have been in existence at the time of contract closure but unknown to UKsatellite.TV.

§ 3 Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery times and dates given are subject to confirmation. If times and dates given are not met, liability claims on the part of the Purchaser will therefore not be accepted by UKsatellite.TV. Delays in delivery and provision of service due to Acts of God and events that hinder delivery by UKsatellite.TV or even make this impossible, for example strikes, lock-outs, measures taken by authorities, etc. – even when these apply to suppliers or sub-contractors – exempt UKsatellite.TV even if times and dates are binding. Such conditions give UKsatellite.TV the right to delay the delivery of the goods or service by the amount of time of the duration of the hindrance plus a commensurate run-up time, or due to the unfulfilled part, to partially or completely rescind the contract. If the hindrance lasts for more than three months, the Purchaser has the right, after commensurate appointment of a date, to cancellation with regard to the unfulfilled part of the contract. If delivery time is longer, or if UKsatellite.TV has freed itself of its obligations, The Purchaser cannot derive any right to liability claims from this. UKsatellite.TV may only invoke the named conditions when the customer has been promptly informed thereof.

UKsatellite.TV is at all times entitled to partial delivery.


§ 4 Shipment and transfer of perils

As a rule, shipping is carried out by one of our contractual partners. Delivery is usually made from a warehouse in the EU.

The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods shall pass to the buyer upon successful delivery of the shipment – i.e. only when the shipment has been successfully delivered.

Transport damage or other damage must be reported immediately, as it may not be possible to claim for it at a later date.

In the case of sale by delivery to a place other than the place of performance, the transfer of risk takes place when the goods are delivered by the transport company, the carrier or any other person or entity entrusted with the transport and delivery, irrespective of whether the transport takes place from the place of performance and who bears the transport costs. 

The handover shall also take place if the buyer is in default of acceptance.

In general, shipment is carried out by one of our contractors. Supply is generally from our dispatch office in Northern Ireland.

The danger of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods is transferred upon hand-over to the Purchaser. For mail order purchase, transfer of perils takes place upon delivery of the goods to the transport company, goods transport driver or any other person or instance responsible for transport and delivery, independently of whether transport is undertaken from the place of performance and who bears the cost of transport. Goods are sent uninsured, insurance is upon request by, and at the cost of, the Purchaser.

Hand-over will still be made even if the Purchaser delays acceptance.


§ 5 Prices and payment conditions
All prices are subject to confirmation and are understood to be from the delivery plant or from warehouse. Transport costs, taxes, import duties, other charges, and special expenditures by UKsatellite.TV will be separately billed.

The Purchaser should in principle pay by credit card. Should this not be possible, payment in advance will be required.

Cheques and drafts will only be accepted as direct payment, the latter only on special agreement. They are first accepted as payment upon encashment. Currency conversion costs and expenses are charged to the Purchaser. UKsatellite.TV retains the right to return drafts already taken and to demand immediate payment if the bank refuses encashment or should circumstances become known at a later date from which credit unworthiness of the Purchaser can be concluded.

Should the Purchaser fall behind with a payment or fulfillment of an obligation, all demands resulting from the business connection are due immediately.

For the period of non-fulfillment, the Purchaser must pay interest on the amount due at a rate of 5% per annum above the basic interest rate. However, UKsatellite.TV retains the right, upon proof of a greater degree of loss due to non-payment, to demand appropriate payment. If the Purchaser is himself a dealer, non-fulfillment interest is 8% per annum above the basic interest rate. UKsatellite.TV has the right to charge a fee of EUR 10 per dunning letter.

The Purchase only has the right of off-setting charges if his counterclaims have been determined to be legally binding and are recognized by UKsatellite.TV.

Upon delay in payment or deterioration in the economic situation of the Purchaser, UKsatellite.TV is entitled to demand advance payment or collateral security for claims both due and pending on all existing contracts and to refuse fulfillment until advance payment or collateral security has been rendered. If the Purchaser does not accede to the UKsatellite.TV claims within a period of four days, UKsatellite.TV is entitled to rescind the contract and claim damages instead of the supply of service. This also applies should circumstances arise before or during closure of contract that bring creditworthiness into doubt and which only become known to UKsatellite.TV after closure of contract.

Payments to employees or representatives of UKsatellite.TV are only accepted as release of debt when said persons have been given authority to collect by UKsatellite.TV.

A delay in delivery due to request by the Purchaser has no effect upon the due date of payment.

If, after closure of the delivery contract, new obligations of any kind are laid on UKsatellite.TV by regulatory authorities that affect the contract closed, then changes or extensions resulting from said obligations are deemed as having been agreed by the parties. Any new taxes, expenses, and other charges or increases, including changes to import and customs duties are always charged to the Purchaser.

§ 6 Retention of title
UKsatellite.TV retains ownership of the goods until all outstanding claims relating to a current business relationship have been settled. The UKsatellite.TV claims are not invalidated by inclusion in an open business account even if recognized by UKsatellite.TV. Payment of the entire remaining debt is due immediately should the Purchaser fall behind in payment, or due to behavior contrary to the contract on the part of the Purchaser, or opening of insolvency proceedings concerning assets, or if a court has refused to open proceedings due to insufficient assets. In such cases, UKsatellite.TV can, without prejudicing its other rights, demand the goods concerned back and also claim for any damages to UKsatellite.TV which have resulted. Should UKsatellite.TV apply its right to retain title or lengthen the delivery time due to impending regulations, this is not deemed to be a withdrawal from the contract if the Purchaser is a dealer. Any ensuing costs are borne by the Purchaser.

The Purchaser commits to handle the goods carefully. The Purchaser has the obligation to store the goods in correct fashion, to ensure these properly at his own cost and provide proof of this to UKsatellite.TV on demand.

The Purchaser is not entitled to frustrate or hamper any rights concerning the goods under retention of title by UKsatellite.TV, in particular he is not permitted to sign over or pledge such goods to third parties as security. The Purchaser is required to inform UKsatellite.TV immediately by registered letter should access to the goods have been given to a third party, for example in the case of distraint. The Purchaser is required to immediately inform the third party in writing of the UKsatellite.TV ownership rights. Change in ownership of the goods or change of the Purchaser’s address must be immediately communicated to UKsatellite.TV. Should the Purchaser not comply with these requirements to inform UKsatellite.TV and third parties, and if the third party is subsequently unable to reimburse UKsatellite.TV for the ensuing legal and other costs incurred in asserting its rights, the Purchaser is held liable for the losses incurred by UKsatellite.TV.

§ 7 Warranty
UKsatellite.TV will in the first instance offer warranty on an exchange or repair basis at the discretion of UKsatellite.TV.

If this subsequent fulfillment miscarries twice, the Purchaser can, at his discretion, demand either a reduction in payment (compensation) or annulment of the contract. The Purchaser does not, however, have the right to demand withdrawal from the contract for small contractual non-compliances, in particular for small defects. Inability to remedy defects or effect an exchange on the part of UKsatellite.TV is equivalent to non-fulfillment of performance by UKsatellite.TV due to the disproportionate effort of such performance and unacceptability to the Purchaser (Paragraph 439, Section 1, German Federal Statutes).

The Purchaser must examine the goods immediately upon their receipt. Defects visible or recognizable upon correct examination must be communicated to UKsatellite.TV by email – support@UKsatellite.TV

within two days after receipt of the goods and simultaneously in written form. Defects which are not visible or recognizable upon correct examination must be communicated in written form within seven days after their discovery, otherwise warranty claims will be deemed invalid. Timely sending of the complaint is sufficient to meet such deadlines. The burden of proof for any and all claim requirements falls entirely on the Purchaser, in particular for the defect itself, for the time when the defect was determined and for timely notification of the defect.

If the Purchaser chooses to annul his contract due to a defect and subsequent non-performance on the part of UKsatellite.TV, no additional claims for damages due to the defect will be recognized.

If, after subsequent non-performance the Purchaser chooses compensation, the goods will, at the wish of UKsatellite.TV, remain with the Purchaser assuming this is acceptable to him. Compensation is limited to the difference between the purchase price and the value of the defective goods. This does not apply should UKsatellite.TV face accusations of malicious intent.

Claims are limited to a period of one year after delivery of the goods. Possible counterclaims on the part of UKsatellite.TV following Paragraph 478 of the German Federal Statutes remain unaffected by this.

Withdrawal from contract and compensation claims becomes invalid after the claim period has ended.

Should ex-contract claims concerning delivery of defective goods be in competition with defect claims, the previously stated claim periods apply also to the ex-contract claims.

Guarantees in a legal sense are not given to the Purchaser by the seller. Manufacturers’ guarantees are unaffected by this.

UKsatellite.TV is also entitled, for commercial dealers, to limit the warranty to relinquishment of its own warranty claims on manufacturers and suppliers. Any and all warranty claims expire immediately if the Purchaser uses the product improperly and contrary to use or operating instructions, modifies it, when any improvement or other work is carried out on defective products without permission to do so by UKsatellite.TV.

§ 8 Liability
UKsatellite.TV is not liable for any minor infractions of lesser contractual and non-contractual responsibilities due to negligence. UKsatellite.TV is liable for minor infractions of major responsibilities as well as deliberate or major infractions of its responsibilities through factotums, limited to typical and predictable risks which may occur. This also applies to non-contractual liabilities. The preceding liability limitations do not affect possible claims by the Purchaser resulting from product liability. The liability carried by UKsatellite.TV due to personal injury to life, the body or health due to negligent infraction on the part of UKsatellite.TV and its representatives or factotums, is not affected. Claims for damages by the Purchaser due to a defect are limited in validity to a period of one year after delivery of the goods. This does not apply if UKsatellite.TV faces accusations of malicious intent.

§ 9 Interdiction on withdrawal from contract
The Purchaser may only withdraw from his rights and responsibilities resulting from this contract after previous written agreement on the part of UKsatellite.TV.

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to all customers in the EU. Extended 30 day money-back for VPN-Routers and NowTV sticks.

You cannot return any of the products ordered from UKsatellite.TV nor can you cancel your order once service has been activated (i.e. you activated on www.uksatellite.tv/activate)

If you send us the merchandise you ordered, in the original packaging and without any signs of use (as new), we will refund the purchase price. Shipping charges for the return of the good are assumed by you. Shipping charges for shipping the order to you are not refunded, only the purchase price of the products ordered. Merchandise may be returned to us no later than 14 days after receiving the good from us, as verified by a receipt of posting or an alternative form of proof issued by the shipper). VPN-Routers have an extended period of 30 days. Orders that shipped outside of the European Union are considered FINAL and do NOT have the right of withdrawal and cannot be returned for a refund. The shipping address provided in the order will determine if the order counts as “within European Union” or “outside of the European Union”.

§ 10 Contractual relationship between Purchaser and Pay-TV supplier
Through the agency of UKsatellite.TV, the Purchaser enters a contractual relationship with the Pay-TV supplier(s). The period of validity of this/these contract(s) are set by the Pay-TV supplier but communicated to the Purchaser before ordering. In general, this period has a duration of 12 months.

Within this period, the Purchaser commits to fulfill his responsibilities resulting from this contract, including those toward UKsatellite.TV. In particular he commits to regular payment of the contracted amounts to the Pay-TV supplier(s) via his credit card and to inform the Pay-TV supplier(s) immediately of any possible delay in payment. Should any losses be incurred due to delay in payment to the Pay-TV supplier, UKsatellite.TV is entitled, on behalf of the indebted Purchaser, to clear these losses. The corresponding costs incurred by UKsatellite.TV must be immediately reimbursed by the Purchaser. These demands remain in force until payment is made. Furthermore, UKsatellite.TV retains the right in such cases to block access to the Pay-TV supplier(s) for this Purchaser. Warranty or liability claims on the part of the Purchaser do not arise in this case. UKsatellite.TV retains the right to clear any outstanding demands through use of the credit card which the Purchaser used to order. The Purchaser has accepted this proviso and given the corresponding credit card authorization by naming his credit card data and signing the order form. UKsatellite.TV also retains the right to charge a commensurate fee for such transactions.

UKsatellite.TV is not liable for damages (in particular incorrect account withdrawals) due to third parties such as Pay-TV suppliers, for example BSkyB. The Purchaser understands that UKsatellite.TV only provides agency services for a subscription, for example with BSkyB, Livingston , United Kingdom . Such as subscription results in payment responsibilities by, and provision of services to, the customer. UKsatellite.TV offers aid but cannot be held to account for possible liabilities.

In particularly difficult individual cases, where UKsatellite.TV may be held responsible for gross negligence or malicious intent, the liability of UKsatellite.TV is limited to the amount of the last BSkyB or other supplier’s monthly charge (depends on package selected).

§ 11 Information protection
Purchaser data relating to order or person are only stored electronically and processed by UKsatellite.TV in accordance with the statutory requirements of the National Data Protection Legislature (BDSG) and the Telecommunication Services Protection Legislature (TDDSG). This information is used and passed on by UKsatellite.TV exclusively for order processing purposes. Except for order processing, no information is given to third parties without the express permission of the Purchaser. Upon request, the Purchaser will receive the data stored by UKsatellite.TV. The Purchaser may revoke his given permission to store this information at any time and terminate the customer relationship with UKsatellite.TV. Should the Purchaser so desire, UKsatellite.TV will immediately delete all person-related information.

§ 12 Court of jurisdiction

The products and services are sold and provided by HAPPILY EVER TV LTD.

Common law applies to contractual relationships.

§ 13 Disclaimer

Should any individual provisions in the above options terms be or become invalid, either in part or in full, or impracticable, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. The parties agree to replace an invalid or impracticable provision will be replaced by a ruling that is as close as possible in economic purpose to the invalid or impracticable provision in a legally effective and practicable form.

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