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We receive a number of emails from customers of INSAT International complaining about deactivated Sky Cards and if you check their website, they have indeed discontinued their Sky TV business.
  • Are you a INSAT International  customer waiting and waiting for a solution of an issue? 

  • Do you need a new Sky Card and you just won’t get one?

We are here to help! Friendly and spot on customer support every day of the year. All products in stock – including sky viewing cards. Order today and have your new sky viewing card via DHL or UPS in just a few days! 
Sky UK Viewing Card

Get Your New Sky Viewing Card

Sick of waiting for your replacement card from Get one from us. We ship the same day!

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Three easy steps to order SKY UK in Europe via Satellite

SKY Viewing Card

To watch Sky UK you must have a Sky Viewing Card with a Sky box and a dish heading for ASTRA 28.2° & 28.5°.

Order SKY Box Bundle

Choose a Sky Box Bundle. For HD TV select Sky+ HD box. Complete your order and wait for your new equipment to arrive. (If you already own a box: order just the card!)

Activate Viewing Package

Connect your Sky box to your television setup and activate your favorite Sky TV Packs on Online Activation.

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Order our Sky UK abroad subscription service now in all European countries. English satellite television throughout Europe is now more popular than ever. More than 300 English speaking satellite channels are awaiting you.

We are not part of Sky UK nor are we affiliated. We provide a state-of-the-art service around Sky UK satellite television to clients abroad for example in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Monaco, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and many more. All our customers sign up for a legal and direct Sky TV subscription in the UK which we service for them. The monthly subscription is paid to Sky UK directly using a VISA or MasterCard. All our customers are direct subscribers of Sky UK and hold a valid subscription from Sky UK directly. We act as a broker and service agency. The customer support is provided by us.

You do not need a UK address or UK bank account if using our Sky subscription service! 

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